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Spraying services

Spraying service is the process of professionally respraying furniture around the house to achieve an outstanding finish with paints and lacquers. Through respraying paint, you can flawlessly match your existing colours. Hence, the finishing look will live up to all your expectations. It is a great option instead of replacing the furniture and kitchen cabinets. In kitchens, there are many cabinets that are exposed to wet, moisture, oil and heavy work. It takes away the shine and gloss from the surface. However, replacing them every year can make a hole in your pocket. Magic Restore is a reputed London surfaces repair specialist. We deal with various types of surfaces and reverse the damage done to them throughout time by repairing and respraying paint and finishing the coat by sealing it properly.


Suppose your home has a surface made from ply, MDF or solid wood. It is only natural that it will get damaged in time after soaking moisture from the atmosphere and from heavy-duty work done on the surface. Changing the entire furniture is an expensive option and time-consuming too. Magic Restore is a great name in the league of Surface repairs specialist London. Our team has extensive experience and can spray a variety of wooden surfaces, which can be finished with sheens from 5% matt to 100% gloss. The craftsmen are experienced and know how to apply different techniques to deal with any imperfections on the surface. No matter what kind of furniture, doors and cabinets you have in your home, for respraying the paint, you can contact Magic Restore.

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