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French Polish

Having French polish on your wooden furniture will result in a very high gloss surface with a deep colour. This process includes applying many coats using a rubbing pad and a variety of oils. Generally, soft cotton pads are used as rubbing pads. And it is lightly soaked in oil and dedicatedly polished to the surface of the furniture. French Polish is a much simpler process to repair, in contrast to traditional & modern varnish finishes. There are also many similar variations in process and technique. Magic Restore offers dedicated Wooden Floor Repair services in London. French Polish is one of the most effective techniques to revive the glory of old wooden surfaces. The entire process is critical and takes an adequate amount of time, and demands skills and experience to get the expected finish.


When you have wooden furniture, taking good care of it is essential. Moisture, dust, irregular cleaning, and not using wood-safe cleaning agents bring a reverse effect on the shine of the surface. Maintaining the shine requires a lot of effort. If you can’t maintain it properly, you can always have French Polishing & Furniture Repairs in London from us at a very economical price. We typically use softer/ thinner oils, such as mineral oil, to produce a glossier finish on the surface. During the entire polishing time, we always take good care so that no dust particles be present on the surface during the polishing and end up scratching

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