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Damage Bathtub

If you notice any damage to baths, sinks, toilets and shower trays, you need to call Damaged Bathroom Repairs in London. Damage, like chips and cracks on the sinks, tubs, and shower trays, is very unsightly. It can be a source of harmful bacteria as well. Expert technicians from Magic Restore are able to quickly rectify these problems. With proper repairing techniques, we can achieve a perfect result with no deduction of colour or look. Many times, extreme damage, including completely detached sections of the wash basin or shower trays, also happen. For that, you can also call us. We can repair basins and trays depending on the specific location of the damage.


We have an extended list of suppliers of high-quality bathroom fixtures available. Hence, we can always replace any non-repairable element in your washroom very easily. In many cases, baths may require full resurfacing. For that, we have Damaged bathroom repairs expert London which can be customized as per your requirement. It is also a service we offer where we do a thorough repairing and resurfacing job and transforms the look of your washroom to a new model.


Chip to a stone effect bathtub edge, we restore and match the look to perfection. Even heavily damaged sinks and basins can also be restored. Many times, the damage happens below the waterline. Except that, we can repair other damages successfully. Other accidental damage, such as a bad chip on a ceramic basin, bath or shower tray, can be repaired by our Shower Tray Repairs expert London.

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