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Marble/Granit Floor

If you have marble flooring or granite floor tiles, it means you love a beautiful space with aesthetic elements. Using granites and marble means a great investment in terms of aesthetics and technical features. In the entire world, people are extremely inclined to use stone flooring. Using marble in floors, worktops, kitchens, and other spaces has been immensely popular. When homeowners plan out their home construction or renovation, granite or marble is common in their consideration list. And hence there is widespread use of these natural stones. For that reason, you also need some London surfaces repairs specialist contact in your phone as well. While you have these beautiful natural stones installed in your home, you may have questions related to their maintenance. Magic Restore is the answer to these queries.


For most rigid stains, Magic Restore uses a poultice which is highly effective. A poultice is a thick paste. By using it, experts draw out the stain from marble. You can check the depth of the cracks before deciding if you need some repairs. If you see small cracks that go with granite veining, that’s normal. However, if the cracks are deep, you need some expert help. If you are asking about deep scratches, it will require professional repair. However, minor surface scratches usually caused by dirt are easy to remove. Using clean, soft cloths to maintain a clean surface will help you a lot in keeping the scratches at bay. We always use a high-quality sealant to seal the highly-porous marble.

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