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Find The Reasons Why Tiled Floor Cracks: Learn From Experts

You can be assured that we also don't like living with damaged floors. Be it the shine of your interior or the value of your place, a cracked floor impacts them negatively. And sometimes, it can be dangerous to live with a chipped floor. If you pick suitable tiles and install them properly, then it will add more elements to the construction. However, for many reasons, tiles can be cracked. And then you have to find a Surface Damage Repair Specialist in London to get it fixed. It can be time-consuming and cost-bearing too. Finding similar tiles to replace the chipped ones will be a tough nut to crack.

Find out the reasons behind a cracked floor:

The hustle and bustle going on to fix a cracked floor are so real that it is always better to prevent it from happing. Here, we have discussed 5 reasons why floor tiles crack so that you can be cautious beforehand.

1. Dropping something Heavy:

When something heavy is dropped on a specific area of your tiled floor, it is more likely to crack. That's the reason you might find a chipped tile in a larger area. The heavy load can be for dropping a bigger piece of furniture, or sometimes a flatiron accidentally dropped from your hand. There are so many things that you recklessly handle and end up damaging the product or the floor. Over time, the small crack will become bigger if it is not fixed at the earliest.

2. Inferior Tile:

The quality of tiles also matters. Low-quality tiles can be cracked sooner than other types of premium tiles. Inferior tiles are poor at taking loads. Hence, it can't hold up as well or as long as approved tiles. Premium tiles have better material durability. Although with continuous usage, it will end up getting chipped and cracked sooner. For that, you must check it beforehand. You can get in touch with your tile provider to learn about it.

3. Heavy Stationary Loads:

This is a lot of pressure falling on the floor due to heavy stationary items. Be it your bigger-sized fridge or a wall wardrobe. It puts heavy weight on the space underneath. If you are not cautious, it can be the reason for cracks.

4. Issues over a Control Joint:

When the tiling is cracked, people first tend to fix it themselves. However, experienced Surface repairs specialist London never advises this to homeowners. The poor installation has always remained an issue that makes the tiles crack up. However, any flooring repair expert will be able to tell you if the reason for cracking up tiles is because it is installed over the control joint. The concrete underneath is vulnerable to cracking. That's why control joints are used to ensure fewer cracks on the floor tiles.

5. Improperly Spaced Joists:

The joists are installed at the bottom of your flooring. It is totally responsible for supporting everything above it. Hence, if your floor cracks, there is a possibility that the reasons are improperly spaced joists.

Final Words:

Magic Restore is a Surface Damage Repair Specialist in London that fixes any cracks and chips on tiled floors at the most competitive rate. For any assistance, you can call us anytime.

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